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Facts for Anti-Vaxers

I keep thinking everyone knows the facts and data about Covid vaccines but that they just choose to ignore them. But I was reminded last night by my mother-in-law that most Americans aren't reading and they are getting their news from TV or push websites that are feeding them information that supports their point of view. The network TV is talking about the uptick of cases in vaccinated people and the potential new surge that is coming. Without giving complete information the anti-vaxers can just say, "See, vaccines don't work and neither do masks. NANANA told ya so".

Here's the deal; When we hear reports of Covid positive cases increasing, we shouldn't be alarmed. Thats the seasonality of viruses, like colds, flu and herpes. Most of these positive cases among vaccinated people cause no symptoms (asymptomatic) or very mild flu like illness. Vaccines have changed the game. They are effective in preventing serious illness and death from Covid-19. The majority of people who are hospitalized or who die of Covid-19 have not been vaccinated. That is a very sad fact.

Here's what the Covid-19 vaccine does. It reduces infection risk by 50-75%. The antibodies from the vaccine recognize and destroy the virus before it can replicate. For the vaccinated people who breakthrough and actually get the infection, the vaccine kicks in and clears the infection faster. This reduces contagion from the Delta strain from 13-18 days to 3-6 days in vaccinated people, thus reducing spread of the virus.

The Booster vaccine works even better by increasing neutralizing antibodies that clear the virus faster in breakthrough cases. Boosters reduce community spread by 21-66%.

With few exceptions, there is no reason why everyone should not be vaccinated. With 7.46 billion shots given worldwide, we know this vaccine is safe. We have the data that the Covid vaccines are 90% effective in preventing death after receiving both shots.

Please share this with your friends, relatives and acquaintances that have not been vaccinated. I would love to hear their concerns if they choose to comment. Data is king.


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