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EverythingHealth is designed to address the rapid changes in science, medicine, health and healing in the 21st Century.


This site will sift through the vast amount of confusing data and simplify issues that are of interest to everyone interested in a healthy life and longevity.

The writings on EverythingHealth are entirely my own views and opinions.

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Enjoy a better, healthier you through Dr. Toni Brayer’s integrative approach to holistic healing.


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Meet Toni Brayer, MD

Hi! I am an Internal Medicine physician who has practiced for over 36 years in Northern California. One of my favorite things to do is work with patients directly and help them stay healthy and live long and well. Optimal health comes from mind, body and spirit and I address all of that with my patients.

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Dr. Brayer's Favorite Things

Sutter Health, one of the region's largest health systems, named Dr. Toni Brayer as CEO of the 260-doctor Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, officials ...

I was all alone in my medical office, hours after closing. Overhead, the fluorescent light was harsh. It was dark outside. Only a few years past residency, I wanted nothing more than to be home drinking a glass of red wine with dinner. Link to full article

Mr. Hester wore a coat and a tie year-round, carrying himself with European formality. Standing just over five feet, with thinning grey hair and hand tremors, he appeared both fragile and resolute in strength; he was one of my first patients in my new practice of internal medicine in 1987. He called me “Dr. Brayer” in a heavy Polish accent. I called him, “Mr. Hester.”

AIDS in Haiti: A Secret Too Scary To Tell

For a country with such poverty, lack of health care and lack of education, it is not a surprise that HIV/AIDS remains a significant problem in Haiti. Worse still, the disease carries a stigma and HIV infection is kept secret.

By Dr. Toni Brayer, Contributor

Doctor working with Partners In Health in Port-ua-Prince, Haiti


By  Dr. Toni Brayer, Contributor

Doctor working with Partners In Health in Port-ua-Prince, Haiti

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