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Covid in Your Community

I get it. You are tired of Covid so this will be short and brief, because Covid is still around. If you have not had your 3rd or 4th booster...get it now. It's easy and free at most drug stores.

Why get the booster now? Because I'm looking at community trends, Covid hospitalizations and infections in my patients and the numbers are again going up. Fortunately the symptoms are mild for people who have been vaccinated and boosted. The original vaccinations and Covid infections from 2021 and early 2022 that provided some protection have now waned. The boost to the immune system has tapered off with time and there are new variants of Covid. Thats why the newest booster (either Pfizer or Moderna...makes no difference) is needed. People ages 5 and above should get the boost.

So get your booster and if you do contract Covid, it should be mild.


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