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Covid - We Aren't Done

I know you don't want to hear this. You're tired, ready to move on and (hopefully) staying away from the nightly news. If you are smart you are even taking an internet break from all the click-bait and trash news you receive. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but the WHO has confirmed that we are, in fact, still in a pandemic. There are still countries in crisis with exploding case numbers and cases in the United States have increased by 39% in 32 states.

Here is the good news. There is Omicron and vaccination immunity so the virus is having more trouble finding routes for infection and spread. Although cases are increasing in the Northeast, Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware and New Hampshire, hospitalizations are increasing only slightly. There is a lag time so check back in about 3 weeks on this! And let's hope the South is spared, where vaccinations are only at about 50%.

The removal of the mask mandate for travel is a terrible idea. Pack 200 people in a metal tube with recirculated air and

no space between them and see what happens. I will continue to wear a mask for travel (planes, trains, Uber, bus) and I encourage you to do the same. We are back to the Wild West, every man and woman for themselves.

I'm delighted that schools are back, stores and restaurants are open, travel is back and we can all visit freely. The effect the past two years has had on our mental and physical health will linger for a long time.

With common sense and remembering the public health lessons we learned, hopefully we can all stay safe and well.


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