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Covid 3rd Vaccine - Whats up?

(The sign maker died of Covid and left her children motherless)

Oh wow! Could it get any more confusing? I think the constant changing data and recommendations are fueling the anti-vac people. And that is just sad because they are dying at a fast rate! These "avoidable" anti-vac deaths are taking a toll on health workers, our economy, children, families and everyone else who needs hospital services. The government is not helping. President Biden says everyone should get a 3rd "booster" and then the FDA has different recommendations. Here is some data about the 3rd vaccine as of the date of this post.

  • The FDA has approved a 3rd shot of Pfizer (now branded Comirnaty) for individuals over 65, people at risk of developing severe disease and workers whose occupations put them at high risk of infection. You should know there there is controversy among consulting FDA scientists, including Dr. Fauci, who think it should be available for everyone over age 16. That's how science works...we use data and keep testing and re-testing until everyone agrees.

  • 54% of U.S. has been immunized with Pfizer vaccine.

  • The Pfizer vaccine reduces the risk of being hospitalized with Covid by 91% during the first 4 months after 2nd dose. That immunity drops to 77% after 120 days. (Compared to no vaccine, still pretty remarkable)

  • Moderna vaccine was 93% effective at reducing hospitalizations and remained 92% after 120 days. (The Moderna vaccine has a higher mRNA content than Pfizer and there is different timing between doses which may account for this effect)

  • J&J Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization is 71% and it dropped to 68% after 120 days. (The J&J Vaccine is one shot and is not a mRNA vaccine)

  • Studies show an additional shot is effective at raising immunity for all three vaccines.

  • Hospitalizations for non-vaccinated Covid patients compared to vaccinated are 95-99.9% depending upon the State.

Should you get a 3rd vaccine if you can? The answer is yes.


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