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Corona Covid-19. How to Protect Yourself

Everyplace we look we see scary news on the Corona Covid-19 Virus and how it is affecting the stock market, supply chain, politics and just plain fear around the world.  The best defense is knowledge and action. How can we protect ourselves from becoming sick from Covid-19 or any virus?

Remember the Cover-19 virus is very contagious and is spread person-to-person.  Sitting next to a coughing person on the bus and then touching your own eyes and nose or even touching a contaminated doorknob can bring the virus home. This virus will spread over time so why don't we all get sick?

Catching a virus and how ill you become after you catch it depends upon two things. The amount of virus particle (virion) you are exposed to and your own immune system at that point in time.

Health care workers and family members are at higher risk because they are exposed to more virus. People with compromised immune systems; elderly, babies, people on corticosteroids, people with chronic illnesses or undergoing chemotherapy are all at higher risk of getting really sick because of their immune systems.

The two things we can do to prevent infection are:

1. Avoiding the virus by staying away from sick people, avoid rubbing our eyes and mouth and washing our hands frequently.  Alcohol gel sanitizers also kill most viruses if we can't wash. We believe cotton face masks are effective and N95 face masks need to be custom fitted to be fully effective. But the mask used as a barrier may help prevent spread.

2. Keeping our immune system in tip top shape.  We do this by eating healthy...fruits, vegetables, green juices and lots of water.  Avoid saturated fats (most red meats, hamburgers, processed foods, fast foods, pastries) and avoid sugar and sugary drinks.  Binging on alcohol, drugs, not getting enough sleep and stress all lower our natural immune response.

Our immune system is made of up of cells and chemicals that change and respond minute by minute.  Stress, fatigue, anger and diet all make us susceptible. This is the time to slow down.  Relax and remember to do all of the things we already know we should do, but forget when we aren't mindful.  Get out in nature and fresh air, laugh, eat healthy and try not to overeat and most importantly, sleep well.  This boosts your own natural defenses.

These foods can boost the immune system with specific vitamins and antioxidants:

Blueberries, turmeric, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, garlic, green tea, apples, ginger and red bell peppers.

Green smoothie and soup anyone?

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