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Nutty Thanksgiving ICD-10 Codes

Ahhh, the things doctors have to go through to get paid by insurance companies and Medicare. Every patient encounter has to have a diagnosis code for each problem or procedure.  The book of codes is larger than a huge phonebook. (Note:  I do understand that readers under age 30 may not have ever seen a phonebook but use your imagination - it's thick and big)

Here are a few of the wacky codes we are required to use for these conditions. Please don't ask me who thought these up:

W61.43 - Pecked by a turkey.  (Who knew they were so dangerous?  Another reason to go Vegan?)

W60.0   - Contact with sharp leaves. (That leaf pile will decompose naturally so be safe. No need to rake)

Y92.72  - Place of occurrence-chicken coop. (Yes we also have to show where the injury occurred)

Y91.71  - Place of occurrence- barn.  (Please make it stop...)

Z63.1    - Problems in relationships with in-laws (This will be a common one this season)

Y93.E2 - Injury due to activity-laundry (Women, protect yourselves. Leave it alone)

W29.1   - Contact with electric knife (Oops)

And finally for after the meal: 

R14.1   - Gas Pain,   (followed byR-14.3 - Flatulence (accompanied by) K-30 -indigestion (and)

R-12    -  Heartburn

For Black Friday we have a code also:

W-52  -  Crushed, pushed or stepped on by crowd. (Amazon by mail anyone?)

For the Doctors and other providers of care during the holiday season there is a special code:

Z-56.6 -   Mental and Physical stress related to work.

Please forgive your Doctor for being hunched over her computer.  She has to remember or look up all of these codes.

hat tip to MedScape for the wacky codes.


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