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Immune Boost

Here is a breakfast of Champions and a great way to boost your immune system. A green smoothy can be made with just about any fruits and vegetables you have in the fridge. Today I used wilted celery, the tail end of plain yogurt, organic spinach and blueberries, water, ice (it's gotta be cold) and one date for sweetness and fiber. (I also had the tail end of peeled ginger...not here for the pic) You could easily substitute apple, parsley, kale, lettuce or leave out the yogurt. Blend it up and....voila. Healthy and yummy.

Celery- Vitamin A, C and K. (14 calories)

Spinach-Vitamin A, C, K, iron folate and potassium and good fiber. (7 calories)

Blueberries- Vitamin C,K,manganese and potassium. 14% fiber. (65 calories)

Dates- Iron, potassium, vitamin C, calcium, B vitamins, copper, magnesium, fiber. (20 calories)

Yogurt- Potassium, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin B6,cobalamin, magnesium, probiotic. (80 calories)

Get out your blender or Vitamix (preferred) and boost your immune system.


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