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Covid Vaccination Works - keep it going!

We all need some really good news, right? Here it is. Data from healthcare workers at medical centers in the United States and Israel show the vaccines are working,The New England Journal of Medicine reports. The rates of infection among vaccinated health care staff dropped dramatically, beginning the second week after the first dose was given. This was during the recent surge of hospitalizations and infections.

Testing showed new cases occurred in 2.5% of workers tested within the first week after the first dose. Infection dropped to 1.2% during the second week and 0.7% in the third week. Infection was less than 0.2% in the second week after the second dose.

The same results held in North Texas where workers were also vaccinated during a huge surge and 2.61% of unvaccinated employees developed infection vs. 1.82% of partially-vaccinated workers and 0.05% of fully vaccinated employees.

This dramatic decrease of infections shows a major reduction of new cases of Covid-19 among those who received two does of the vaccine, even when a surge of the B.1.1.7 variant (the UK variant) was noted in up to 80% of cases", said Dr. Shmuel Beneson of Hadassah Hebrew.

These vaccines are really helping us. The more people vaccinated, the less Covid infections. Period.


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