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Sleeping in Green Sheets
Better Restorative Sleep

Sleep is essential for our overall health. Here are some of the proven health benefits of sleep: 

  • Improved immune function- during sleep our body produces and releases cytokines that are critical for fighting off infections and inflammation.

  • Better mood and mental health- sleep regulates our emotions and can improve our mood. Lack of sleep is associated with depression and anxiety.

  • Enhanced thinking- sleep plays a crucial role in consolidating memories and learning new things and lack of sleep affects concentration, attention and productivity.

  • Lower risk of chronic diseases- diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity are all associated with poor sleep.

  • Improved athletic performance- including muscle recovery, reaction time and coordination.


Most adults need 6-9 hours of sleep a night, but individual sleep needs may vary. Our Sleep Better Bundle is a safe and effective way to promote healthy, restorative sleep.

Supplements to Support Sleep


Bed-Rest Formula 

This supplement contains valerian, passion flower, chamomile, lemon balm and hops, all of which have been clinically shown to naturally calm and relax the central nervous system.  The 1mg of melatonin and GABA included in the formula promote sleep efficiency, alpha wave production in the brain and healthy sleep quality.



Found in tea, L-Theanine is an amino acid that increases levels of serotonin and dopamine and blocks binding of L-glutamic acid.  This has the effect of increasing alpha-brain waves and producing a calming effect that can restore deep sleep. This product contains pure L-Theanine 100mg, the only form of theanine that has published studies evaluating its effectiveness for sleep. It can be used in combination with the Bed-Rest Formula to promote restorative sleep and calmness.


Kava 75

If stress is keeping you from sleeping well, Kava is for you.   It is a potent herbal extract from Piper methysticum and Kavalactones that have been part of traditional ceremonies and cultural practices throughout the South Pacific Islands to promote muscle relaxation, sleepiness and feelings of wellbeing. These kavalactones are best if taken earlier in the evening to promote ease of initiating and sustaining sleep. Using Kava with melatonin can cause dizziness and difficulty concentrating so it is not recommended together. 

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