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Whats New With Covid - and other medical tid-bits.

It looks like the summer surge is abating a bit with hospital admits going down in most areas of the US. Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and North Dakota are still hot zones as they have low vaccination rates. Here are some facts:

  • Unvaxed people are 8X more likely to get Covid infection

  • Unvaxed people are 29X more likely to be hospitalized

  • Unvaxed people are 11X more likely to die

Fun Fact: Where is the US highest Covid vaccination rate? Answer: Puerto Rico. They did it by NOT tying the vaccine to politics. What a concept!!!

Why did Colin Powell die of Covid? He was vaccinated wasn't he? Unfortunately he was battling an incurable form of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. The 5 year survival for this cancer is only 55.6% and he was diagnosed in 2019. Colin Powell had cancer, old age, a weekend immune system and exposure to a deadly virus. RIP, Secretary General Powell.

I am asked a lot; Can I mix and match Covid vaccines and boosters? Early data (not yet peer reviewed) shows an impressive benefit from mixing, especially following up J&J with Pfizer or Moderna. Remember, Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccine technology is mRNA and J&J is a piece of code delivered to the cell. This different technology seems to spur the body to make more virus-blocking antibody. The side effects from the vaccine do not appear higher if they are mixed.

Nothing to do with Covid but interesting: A study was done with post-menopausal women ages 64-68 comparing high intensity vs. low intensity excercise and bone mass. High intensity was free weights, jump-drop and balance exercises twice weekly for 45 minutes. Low intensity consisted of pilates and one lb dumbbells, stomping and balance exercises twice weekly for 45 minute. Both groups improved strength, bone mass and balance but the high intensity group was significantly better. Bone mineral density (BMD) and balance respond best to impact exercises. Walk, dance, jump, lift weights for best health.

And finally, Why is toilet paper the unofficial Covid anxiety symbol? Psychologists say we are wired to "run with the herd". When the herd is running in a certain direction, we feel compelled biologically to not be the last person. Animal are in more danger when they are alone and I guess we feel danger if we are standing alone at an empty toilet paper shelf at Walgreens! The last two years of Covid have made us hyper vigilant to danger and any hint of shortage causes anxiety.

EverythingHealth loves comments and questions. Bye for now.


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