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Pandemic Death in Young People

I'm so surprised by this information, I wanted to share it with readers of EverythingHealth. JAMA Network (Journal of the American Medical Association) has reported the shocking results of a study that shows in 2020, between March and December, in the United States, Covid-19 was the second leading cause of death among Black, Hispanic and White residents of Texas age 25-44 years. It was the most common cause of death for young people in the 3rd quarter of 2020. It was the number one cause of death among Hispanic individuals ages 25-44 during that time period. The number one cause of death for others was accidents.

I found this surprising because I've always thought of older, sicker people as being more susceptible to death from Covid (Before the vaccine). Yes, the majority of deaths was in older people but this shows also how deadly it was for some younger Americans. This time period was from the early months of the Covid pandemic and we are just now finding out how this virus has upended society and affected groups that were front line workers.


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