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Health Review - little known facts

EverythingHealth stays up to date on medical and national health information so I thought I'd share a few random little known facts with you readers. The more informed we are, the better chance we have of living healthy and long lives.

  1. Not all states complied with Medicaid expansion, even though it was paid for by the U.S. Government. A new study shows that in states that didn't expand coverage, half of women with prenatal Medicaid coverage were not insured before giving birth. In states that did expand Medicaid, only 1/5 lost insurance. A pregnant woman without prenatal care! That should not happen.

  2. Surprise out of network bills for emergency care are common. Patients who received a surprise bill paid physicians ten times more out of pocket than patients receiving in-network emergency care. That should not happen.

  3. We are all going to die. The question is, will it be on our own terms? Unfortunately a study showed between 2016-2019 only 7.5% of Medicare folks had advanced care planning. Think of it! That means 92.5% of seniors could potentially die in a hospital, hooked up to ventilators with no family around them (Covid restrictions). That should not happen.

  4. The states that are experiencing the highest Covid surge are the same states without mask mandates and the most people who are refusing the vaccine. That should not happen.

  5. There have been more than 100 anti-trans bills introduced across the country that include banning anyone under age 21 from receiving gender affirming treatment (including reversible hormones). Other bills fine doctors for providing gender affirming treatment and protect the practice of "conversion therapy" (which has been rejected by medical experts for decades). That should not happen

  6. One major reason for the PPE shortage with Covid is that the US has been reliant on one country - China- for PPE and other supplies. A way for the US to become more self reliant (and to stimulate manufacturing) is the 33-33-33 rule. Thirty three% of the medical supplies of each state's county hospitals would be purchased within that state, 33% purchased nationally, and 33% purchased outside the country. We can no longer afford to pay China to manufacture pharmaceuticals, ventilators, medical supplies and pay to have them shipped here. That should not happen.

  7. Telemedicine was introduced because of Covid and it has brought needed service to rural communities, protected patients and caregivers and revolutionized patient care. It is sensible and will remain important after the pandemic ends. The Government could again impose restrictions on payment and licensing standards after the pandemic is over, eliminating this service. That should not happen.

I could go on and on. There is so much in the health care news that affects all of us. Let me know if this has been useful.


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