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I've found 2 things that I think are terrific and EverythingHealth wants to share them with you. I don't get paid to recommend, nor do I get anything free (darn) so these are just a couple of my recent favorite things I'm sharing.

First is the beautiful cookbook The Cook You Want to Be by Andy Barachani. He's a Bay Area native who now lives in NY and has loved cooking all his life. This book has wonderful photos (a must for any cookbook IMO) and uses simple ingredients that are easy to keep on hand. He makes vegetables look and taste amazing and I can't wait to try more recipes.

If you have Netflix, Michael Pollan has a new 4 part miniseries based on his best selling book How to Change Your Mind. This book and series will probably push the research and use of psychedelic plant based medicine into the mainstream within the next 2 years. The extensive research going on at Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UCSF and prestigious institutions in Europe are showing these hallucinogens, used in a therapeutic setting, are achieving amazing results in PTSD, drug resistant depression, addiction and end of life anxiety. In the United States, 8.9 million adults are taking antidepressants to treat major depressive disorders and for 30% the medications don't work. If psychedelics are beneficial in even a small percent it would be a major breakthrough. Other research in addiction and alcoholism is showing results with even one hallucinogenic experience. Take a trip with Michael Pollen and see for yourself.

Enjoy the weekend, We are!


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