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Delta Variant - Its the Air You Breathe

Even the Gorillas in Rwanda need to be protected against Covid. (He's a vegetarian. Just yawning)

Just when we thought we could relax and get out and about, travel, have parties, eat and drink at our favorite restaurants we are hit with....THE DELTA VARIANT. Even the name sounds like it is from a Marvel movie. Here is the bad news. We are not out of the Covid woods by any means.

First of all, the reluctance for every American to get vaccinated is just plain stupid. I have no tolerance for anyone who is refusing the vaccine. There are no valid excuses for refusing a vaccine that has been safely given to millions of people worldwide and is proven to be effective. As long as we have less than 50% of Americans vaccinated, we are all at risk for continued Covid infection and Covid can live in the air we breathe.

The vaccine does not completely prevent Covid infections. If the "viral load" (amount of viral particles a person is exposed to) is high, the immunity conferred by the vaccine will not be enough to prevent infection. The Delta Variant is more contagious and transmissible. But the vaccines are still highly effective against the Delta Variant and people who are vaccinated are much less likely to get a severe infection or be hospitalized.

We know now that Covid is spread in the air. Washing hands and surfaces are important for good health, but keeping distance from others who are breathing, coughing, singing, speaking is the most important preventive. This is why the WHO continues to recommend masks, even for people who are vaccinated. Anything we can do to impose a barrier to Covid air is important.

The Covid virus is in a race to mutate and evolve before the Vaccine can dampen it down to nothing. So far, Covid is winning. This is pure biology.


  • Get vaccinated. Help your family and friends get vaccinated

  • Continue wearing masks inside in public places

  • Keep your distance at family and friends gatherings.

  • Don't let people into your "social space"

  • Continue elbow bumps instead of shaking hands or hugs

Fun factoid: The endangered gorillas that live on Volcanoes and Virunda mountain (Rwanda, Uganda and DRC) are the only wild ones left in the world. They share 98% of their DNA with us humanoids. The Rwandan government and people protect them vigorously, requiring masks to trek and enter the forrest.

Shouldn't we be as concerned about our fellow humans?


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