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Cardiovascular Health

Heart Disease remains the leading cause of death in both men and women, despite all the medications and advance treatments offered. It can be prevented. There is no controversy that nutrition, not smoking, limiting alcohol, and staying fit are the best ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.  Choices and changes we make early in life ensure a health span that is long.

Supplements to Support Cardiovascular Health

No supplements are proven to prevent disease if taken in isolation. The building blocks of nutrition and exercise come first. Every person has specific genes and needs and at different times of our lives we can benefit from vitamins and minerals taken in appropriate doses. The items selected in EverythingHealth Cardiovascular Bundle have been curated to make your choices easy, with scientific studies that ensure their benefit. They are selected to support and boost blood flow, lipid disorders, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and lower blood pressure. These supplements are safe to take, but always consult your doctor if you change or start new treatments.


Super Omega 3

Omega 3 free fatty acids from different sources offer enhanced cardiovascular and brain support. Both Krill and Fish oil in this formulation have been proven to restore the balance between unhealthy Omega 6 and healthy Omega 3. They act as antioxidants and are taken up readily in phospholipid cells with targeted benefit to vessels in the heart and brain. This is a unique formula that features sustainable harvested fish oil enhanced with polyphenol olive extract and Astaxanthin to control free radical cell damage. The combination of olive oil and fish oil to prevent inflammation is more effective than placebo or fish oil alone.


Hawthorn Extract 120

Hawthorne is a natural fruit that has many substances that may benefit the heart. Both animal and human studies have shown increased coronary blood flow, improved  circulation and lowering of blood pressure in diabetic patients. Other studies found it effective in treating heart failure. Antioxidants in Hawthorn are effective in lowering free radicals that affect the heart. Hawthorn is a powerful herb so if you are taking blood pressure medications or are being treated for heart failure, speak to your doctor about adding Hawthorn as you may need to lower your dose of medication. 



We have added natural Berberine to the cardiovascular bundle because of its unique ability to support healthy lipid levels, glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, weight and immune support. Berberine is an alkaloid present in Barbery, tree tumeric, Oregon grape, goldenseal and goldthread plants. This formula is from Indian Barbery extract fruit. It works differently from statins or other lipid lowering medications so it can support other lipid lowering drugs. It should not be taken in high doses or with medications that are anticoagulants. Let your doctor know if you are starting or changing any treatment regimens.

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